Valentines pressies

I wouldn’t normally be a Valentine’s day enthusiast, most years I just let it slip by nice and quietly. This year however with our impending arrival due two days after Valentine’s day I am a little more excited about it.

So a couple of months ago I heard about the republishing of a children’s book illustrated by Saul Bass. It’s called Henri’s Walk to Paris. It was due to be released on Valentine’s day so I thought it would be a perfect present for my lovely husband. He loves Paris and he also loves Saul Bass Illustrations – the perfect combination!

I wasn’t expecting the parcel to arrive until after Valentine’s Day, but lo and behold it arrived in all it’s papery glory this morning! Now I have to try and keep it quiet and hidden for the next few days, so shhhhhhhhhhh!

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Anyone else ready for Valentine’s day?

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  1. domestikate says:

    Ooh this looks briliant!

    • Rachel says:

      It is! I keep taking it out of it’s hiding place and flicking through the lovely crisp pages. I’ll be caught if I am not careful!

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