The scent of summer


I wrote a few weeks ago about one of my all time favourite smells, the smell of summer. To me that means the wonderful waft of a May Bush as I walk by, salty warm sea air, freshly cut grass and sticky suncream.

As senses go, smell is one of my favourites, trumped only by sight. The smell of something familiar is not only comforting, it has the power to transport you through time and space to the place that you last experienced it.

Needless to say I choose the scents that I wear and use at home very carefully. Since having my little girl, I’ve become so conscious of all of the products that we use, foods that we eat and companies that buy from. I try to use natural and locally made products as much as possible.

Lately I have been searching high and low, near and far for the perfect perfume, and I think I have just found it! Earlier this week our friendly postman delivered a little package that I had forgotten about. I love when parcels arrive, especially unexpected ones. I hurriedly tore it open to find bright orange tissue paper wrapped around four sample jars of perfume from The Burren Perfumery.


The Burren Perfumery also make a range of other natural products, soaps, balms, face serums and creams…

The samples came attached to pretty little illustrated cards, the illustrations representing the natural ingredients harvested and used to create the perfumes. The samples sent to me were, Spring Harvest, Summer Harvest, Ilaun, and Man of Aran.

I wore a different one each day this week and I have fallen head over heels, or should I say neck over wrists in love with Summer Harvest. It is beautifully light, fresh and floral, perfect for summer. “Summer Harvest recalls lying in a meadow on a summer’s afternoon. A delicate, floral fragrance with notes of Meadowsweet, Lady’s Bedstraw and a hint of Chamomile.” Yes please and thank you, summer meadow here I come!


What is your favourite smell and where does it take you?

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