The Island

Another baby inspired project that we began two weeks before Juliet arrived (crazy nesting impulse) was our kitchen island.

The reason that we HAD to have an island was to house a tumble dryer. I am not a domestic goddess and had been dreading the inevitable mountain of baby laundry that I would soon be faced with. In my mind the tumble dryer would be my new best friend. Although our kitchen is quite big, we have no nooks or crannies that we could hide the dryer in and I really don’t like clutter so we had to figure out a way to hide it. We toyed with lots of different ideas, some involved knocking holes in walls, others were very elaborate and just plain silly really. So we came to the conclusion that an island would be the perfect solution. It would hide the dryer and give us lots of lovely extra counter top space. I started researching like a mad woman as usual, all of my interiors magazines were dragged out and book marked. My Pinterest board was covered in kitchen inspiration and we began to doodle our ideas.

When we knew what we wanted we began to price how much it was going to cost. We wanted to save as much as possible by using some materials that we already had. About two years ago we bought some wooden paneling to use in our bathroom (we decided against this in the end because we have a very damp bathroom.) so we incorporated paneling into the design. We also had a box of gorgeous solid silver birch floorboards which were left over from our sitting room, we decided to use these for the counter top. Although we saved a few bob by using the floorboards, it took an awful lot of work to transform them from a polished floor to a lovely chunky work surface.

For the rest of the Island we decided to buy two kitchen units in Ikea, we love all of the Ikea kitchen storage solutions and this was by far the cheapest way of creating cupboards. With our Ikea shopping trip complete (which was interrupted by a quick dash to the National Maternity Hospital – I thought I was going into labour but it was just all of the excitement that comes with a trip to Ikea!) we began to assemble the island. I use the term ‘we’ very loosely, my husband did all of the work while I sat uncomfortably watching!

The final step was to paint the island and assemble our new Ikea stools. The island was finally ready, a few days before Juliet arrived!

What is the craziest or quickest DIY job you have ever undertaken?

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  1. domestikate says:

    WOW! It looks amazing! I can’t believe you cobbled it together from bits and bobs you had lying around – I am in awe.

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks! We love it so much, I think it is my favourite thing that we have made for the house, made all the better because it didn’t cost a whole lot! I was actually baking today and spread all my baking bits all over the counter, it was lovely to have so much space!

  2. Hilary says:

    Looks great, we will need to do similar later this year when we renovate our kitchen, will need to create an island to house an undercounter fridge/freezer…agian when i say ‘we’ i mean the hubby….i just shout the orders!

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Hilary, it’s so handy and provides lots of extra storage which I love, yes I do get excited about clever storage. If you need any tips about how we cobbled it together just holler :)

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