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I love a good old snoop around different buildings so @TheDrawingRoom is right down my alley! It’s an interesting series of upcoming events held in different Georgian town houses around Dublin. The Launch will be an exhibition in October in 12 Henrietta Street, with contemporary artworks in a historical setting. They are currently running a Fund:It campaign to get up and running. Áine Nic an Ríogh who is curating the event kindly agreed to tell us more…

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?
I’m Áine Nic an Ríogh – I’m 27 and an architect and musician based in Dublin. At the moment I’m also an Irish Research Council Scholar working on my PhD in Architecture (UCD), investigating music, architecture and acoustics in 18th century Irish Country Houses. It’s great fun.


What gave you the idea to create your project?
As part of my academic work I organised a series of concerts in country houses around Ireland, these concerts really initiated me into event and music management, it was a learning experience! I noticed that while everyone enjoyed the music and the atmosphere of the period houses, what really made these events special was the unique and different venue for each concert. People are curious, and the chance to take a quick sneak peek into someone else’s home really added to each event. I hope to continue this idea of stimulating curiosity with @TheDrawingRoom. Each event will move to a different historical location in the city, giving the audience an opportunity to explore the various homes, their beautiful interiors and interesting histories.


Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! I always have a mini-Moleskine with me that I scribble in. I’ve also started a scrapbook filled with photos, postcards, and newspaper articles. Very old fashioned, but there’s something nice about having a tangible object instead of looking through things on a Facebook feed or Pinterest.


What advice or words of wisdom would you give from your experience?
Take a chance and go for it, things don’t happen by themselves! If you really want something to happen, push for it. In my experience, if others see you are really committed to something they are usually more than happy to help and support.


What are your favourite things to do/foods to eat/books or blogs to read?
I love reading, I’ll pretty much read anything – the problem is, to remember to do other things that don’t involve reading! A beautiful book I have recently found is Romantic Irish Homes by Robert O’Byrne. Definitely inspiration for me! And it includes No.12 Henrietta Street where we are having our first @TheDrawingRoom event in October.

I love cooking, and trying all different types of foods. I spent a week in Sicily this summer, the countryside and food were fantastic, and as for the gelato… though it is hard to beat a walk on Dun Laoghaire pier followed by a Teddy’s ice-cream cone!

Thanks Aine!

Images of 12 Henrietta Street from Romantic Irish Homes by Robert O’Byrne, with photography by Simon Brown, published by CICO Books.

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