Rug Love

This post sounds much more interesting and raunchy than it actually is. I’m not talking about rolling around up to no good and whatnot on a rug, no no. I am simply referring to the ridiculous love I feel for my new rug.

I once heard a story on my favourite radio show (The Ray D’Arcy show) about a woman who married the Brooklyn bridge. At the time, I thought she was crazy. Now however I can relate to her a little bit. I don’t want to marry my rug, that would be absurd, but I do really really love it! It’s just so pretty. Now that I have built it up so much, I hope it’s not a let down…

Ta da! So what do you think?

I went to quite a bit of trouble to get this beauty. You could say I dated it for a while. I first saw it in Clery’s but the size that they had available was far too big for our sitting room. So I took a photo of it on my trusty phone and carried it around with me for a while to see if we got on well. We did, so I searched high and low and eventually found it online here in a smaller version. It is a Jeff Banks design called “Kaleidescope”. I ordered it and a few days later it arrived on my doorstep, we were meant to be!

The picture above isn’t actually my sitting room, mine is a little messy for photos at the moment. It is also lacking wall art, so any suggestions for something nice and complementary to go on our wall? Something that won’t make our lovely rug jealous?

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  1. claire says:

    Fab rug. You’re enjoying rug love, whereas I’m enduring rug hatred. Never buy a pattern-free burgandy rug – I’m out with the mini dyson 3 times a day. Shows every spec. And I’m not that houseproud 9 to 5 – have a toddler – impossible to be!

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Claire! We actually picked this rug because we have a little person on the way, hopefully the colours and pattern will conceal on the baby mess!

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