Rockabye Baby

I heard a funny and shocking fact over Christmas, however many millions and billions are spent on Christmas presents, the actual perceived value of the presents by the receiver is dramatically lower than the price the poor present buyer originally paid!

This got me thinking about all the presents that I bought or made for the recent festivities, and also about the gifts that I received. Sometimes the most expensive ones are of the least value. My favourites that I received ranged from a delicious Christmas pudding that was expecially baked for me, to books and clothes for our baby in the making. One of these presents for our little person was a CD with lullaby versions of all of our favourite Led Zeppelin tunes. Our baby can catch a bit of shut eye while listening to a soothing plinky plonky rendition of Stairway to Heaven or Going to California! You can find lullaby versions of the best of pretty much any band you can think of here

I made some edible presents myself this year, my speciality – coconut balls! Did you make any gifts or receive any interesting or special ones?

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  1. Fionnuala Kofoed says:

    Greetings from Utah.
    The coconut balls look yummy…..I can almost taste them. Very impressive! Rockabye Baby is a great idea. I checked out the website and was pleased to see that they are available on this side of the pond and very reasonably priced. I wonder would the tunes help me sleep better at night?

    My favorite gift of the season was a pair of Ambercrombie and Fitch flannel pj’s, compliments of Stephen and Anna. Ah, what comfort! They are my new goto after a long day at work. I must be getting old! Ha!

    • Rachel says:

      The tunes would definitely help you sleep – they are so relaxing! I am getting lots of listening in before baby arrives :)

      PJ’s and cosy things like blankets and slippers are always great presents, I always get a few every year and I love them!

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