Roald Dahl day

Today is a very special day indeed. Not only is it my little girl’s 7 month birthday, it is also the day before my birthday, and it is the day when people all around the world celebrate Roald Dahl day. It is celebrated today because the 13th of September was Roald Dahl’s birthday.

2012 is an important year for Roald Dahl fans because it is the 30th anniversary of the BFG. The Big Friendly Giant was one of my most favourite of Dahl’s stories. I think it was because the main character Sophie reminded me of me, with her big googly glasses and blonde hair. It’s a happy coincidence that the BFG shares his 30th birthday with both me and Marie. We’ll be celebrating our big 30 this weekend with our family and friends, it’s going to be scrumdiddlyumptious!

Happy birthday Marie :)

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  1. Marie says:

    ha ha – thanks – you too x

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