Re-move my fire

Apologies for the lack of house updates – after the builders finished up Colm and I had a few very busy weeks with work so home improvements and accessory shopping went on the back burner for a little while.

Our builder Paul arrived back today to start on stage two though- new floors and the removal of my nemesis – the fireplace!

I expect some of you think I’m crazy – lots of guests love our fireplace and I’m sure that in another room it would look great. For us, however, it was just far too big and much too busy.

The new floor was going down today though (no more bare concrete! ) so Mr Fireplace had to go. He’ll be making an appearance on or donedeal very soon.

Already the room feels so much more spacious!

We’re still not sure whether to install a neat inset stove or just go for a very plain simple fireplace like these lovelies.

image 1 via design sponge   image 2 via apartment 34

Which do you think we should go for? Or should we reinstall our poor old fireplace on the double?

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