We took a few days off last week to visit Bath (in the UK) while our builder Paul tore our bathroom apart and put it back together.

Progress has been good, the new downstairs loo goes in tomorrow (yeahy!).

The bath and handbasin are in situ, shiny and new but not quite ready to use yet.

Upstairs the ensuite is almost finished, the hand basin goes in on Friday and then I’m free to accessorise my heart out.

The living room got new lights and radiators. New floors, paint and a fireplace makeover are still on the list.

And dusting. A lot of dusting.

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  1. Hilary says:

    Love the hexagon floor! Is it tiles? Love when decorating gets to the accessories stage..:-)

    • Marie says:

      Thanks Hilary,
      Yes, they are tiles – a surprisingly difficult to find they were too. I love and hate this stage – decisions decisions!

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