Pictiúr – Exhibition of Contemporary Irish Children’s Book Illustrators

One of my all time favourite things about being a Mammy is the cosy, snuggly reading sessions that I have with my little girl. We’ve been reading together since she was still safely tucked inside me. Now, we cover ourselves up in soft blankets and surround ourselves with fluffy pillows before delving into our treasure trove of books. Some are mine from when I was little, some are her Daddy’s old favourites and some are her very own that she has picked.

It amazes me how much she loves books, it seems to be a combination of the little routine we have, the familiar words that we read, and most of all the characters that she knows and loves. She remembers tiny details about each book and character, and gets so excited every time she finds these within the pages. She never bores of the same story, but instead enjoys meeting her buddies as they go on the same adventure together, time and time again. She loves reciting parts of each book, and puts great gusto into emphasising particular words. She requests books by naming her favourite character from the book. At the moment we are torn between Beas (The Ravenous Beast, Niamh Sharkey) and Fuffalo (The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson).

Each evening after our reading ritual, she says goodnight to the characters, she then hugs and kisses them – yes she does hug her books. Only last night I said to my husband that we would have to try and find a soft toy version of a few of her favourite friends to make the hugging a little easier.

When I heard about the exhibition – Pictiúr this morning, I was so excited for her. She would be overjoyed to see familiar faces and new characters for her to meet in an unexpected place.

The exhibition is being curated by the Children’s Laureate Niamh Sharkey, who is also a Children’s book Author and Illustrator, and will be traveling around Ireland this autumn and winter. Pictiúr begins its Irish Tour in September and will be in Dublin from November until January.

- Draíocht Arts Centre in Blanchardstown (7th September to 5th October).
- Galway Arts Centre (14th October to 2nd November).
- IMMA, Kilmainham (14th November 2013 to 12th January 2014).

Today is also a very special day in the Children’s book world, we wrote a post about it last year. If you have forgotten, today the 13th of September is Roald Dahl day. Have a look at the http://www.roalddahlday.info/ for ideas of fun things you can do to celebrate!

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