Our very first badge – Ikea Live

You may have noticed our shiny new badge “featured on Live from Ikea Family”. I’ve been meaning to add it onto our blog for a while now, but chasing my tail has become a daily ritual and keeps interrupting a lot of things on my to do list!

The news that Ikea would like to build another store closer to my neck of the woods reminded me to add it this week. My heart skipped a beat when I heard that Ikea are hoping to build a new store in Cherrywood just off the M50 in South Dublin. I could zip up there in half an hour and avoid paying a nasty toll! I could put my toll savings towards some smelly candles.

My house was featured in an edition of Ikea Live back in December. I was shocked and extremely excited when a researcher for Live contacted me to ask if I would take some photos of our home and write a feature for the magazine. My poor old house which is usually very neglected had a huge clean before I took the shots. Cupboards were scrubbed and cushions were plumped, I even dusted our plants! It was great fun styling our house and deciding which shots to take.

You can click on the image above to see it at a larger size.

I was quite proud of how our little house looked all cleaned up and wearing it’s glad rags!

What do you think about the plans to build a new store? Are you an Ikea fan?

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