Not your usual USA

Our bags have finally been unpacked after a long and very interesting trip to the USA.

Instead of visiting the usually popular tourist hotspots like Florida or California, we hit the unbeaten track and headed to Seattle and Salt Lake City. WHY?! Is the question most ask followed by a perplexed look. Well, we have family in both cities.

We did stop off for a couple of days in NYC to break the journey up a little. I had made a list of a few places that we had to see, but I soon learned that traveling with a toddler doesn’t work well with itineraries and lists at all! We took our lead from Juliet, and let her decide when to venture out, when to eat and when to sleep. She found adjusting to the time difference a little challenging to say the least, and as a result we only ticked a few things off our list. We walked along 5th Avenue taking in all of the hustle and bustle, we picnicked in Central Park and ventured over to Brooklyn for a visit.

5th Avenue

My little apple sitting in Central Park in the Big Apple!

Juliet’s favourite part of our New York visit was the time we spent in FAO Schwarz. We spent over two hours lost among enormous teddies, brilliant books and a lego wonderland. We treated her to a new Eric Carle book and a gorgeous set of wooden alphabet blocks by Uncle Goose. A mischevious monkey and an escape artist elephant also managed to hitch a ride home with us!

Alphabet Blocks by Uncle Goose

While there, we also went to a talk in an Apple Store given by Oliver Jeffers! He kindly signed a couple of Juliet’s collection of his picture books and drew a few doodles for her. No offense to Oliver, but she slept through the whole thing!

Juliet’s signed copy of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

The next leg of our trip brought us to Seattle, and not a drop of rain did we see. Although we didn’t actually see any rain, we could see the results. Seattle is beautifully lush and green, with lots of trees and parks. We were staying in a suburban area about 20 minutes from the city. We spent our days relaxing in the sun, lying on the grass and eating donuts – heaven!

Relaxing in the park in Seattle

The city itself has a much calmer, slower pace than New York. We mosied around for a day and did a few touristy things. Our favourites were the EMP Museum, Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.

The Nirvana exhibition & a guitar installation in the EMP

The Space Needle in Seattle

Our last stop was Salt Lake City, a total contrast to Seattle. Salt Lake is far more rugged and dry, with breathtaking mountain ranges surrounding it. The city has a very new feeling about it, with lots of new shops and retail areas. We of course had to visit the Mormon Temple, which had beautiful gardens that we had a good old play in.

Mountains and the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City

Our family also took us on an adventure through the mountains to an old mining town called Park City – the home of cowboy boots!

Cowboy boots made for me!

Although we thoroughly enjoyed our American adventures, it was lovely to come home, surrounded by our familiar bits and bobs. It’s amazing how attached you can get to your own bed! Being away has also made me appreciate home and Ireland a lot more than before we went away. We do live in a beautiful little corner of the world and we are in general, a lovely bunch of people.

Thanks to all of our family and new friends stateside who looked after us so well, we love and miss you already xx

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