Moonrise Kingdom

I saw an advert on TV last night for a new film – Moonrise Kingdom

When Marie and I attended Offset back in March, we went to a talk by the extremely talented letterer and designer Jessica Hische. During her talk she told us about a title sequence project that she had been working on. It slipped my mind after Offset, but I was nerdily reminded of it last night – I recognised the title sequence in the trailer!

The movie is due to be released on the 25th of May in Ireland, I’ll have to book my babysitter (my Nana) well in advance!

What are your favourite title sequences?

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  1. domestikate says:

    It looks awesome! So weird and wonderful.

  2. Ana says:

    Oh, I have to add this movie to my netflix list. Thank you for sharing. Lovely space. Have to peruse some more ;-)

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Ana! Netflix is something that I have on my to do list to try – I’m still old school and get all my movies from a local store or take a trip to the cinema :) Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!

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