Letters to Juliet

Yes this is the title to an incredibly corny film that was released in 2010.

Although corny, I did enjoy watching it alone one evening while my husband was out playing (in his band not playing in the playground!). I was heavily pregnant at the time and we had been thinking that Juliet would be the perfect name if we had a little girl. So when I saw this film in our local video shop I thought I would indulge in a smushy mushy girly rom com. I never would have gotten away with watching it if my husband had been around. So with ice-cream and cheesy puffs at the ready, I snuggled up on the couch with my blanket and got stuck into it.

I had forgotten about the film until a few days ago when I had the idea of writing letters to our Juliet. Before she was born, my husband and I wrote her a letter that we can give to her when she is older and I thought it would be nice to ask all of our family and friends to do the same. Juliet was born on the 13th, so I think we will save all of the letters and give them to her on her 13th birthday. Her first year as a teenager. I am going to ask everyone to hand-write a letter or card to Juliet. It can be about anything really, a piece of advice or a memory from when they first met her.

When I have received all of the letters I’d like to make a little letter box to keep them safely. I’ll post some photos of the letters as they arrive and the box when we make it. Oooo I can’t wait – I love hearing our letter box flap!

Have you any other baby keepsake ideas that are a bit different?

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  1. domestikate says:

    Aw, what a lovely idea. I’m sure 13 year old Juliet will love it!

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