Let there be light!

Ok, I am officially sick of being cold, the winter seems to be dragging a little this year. The blankets and cosy cardigans that I had put away at the start of the month are reluctantly being pulled back out and snuggled into.

Not only is it cold at the moment, it’s quite dull and dark too. Our house unfortunately faces North, and doesn’t see a whole lot of sunlight. The year before last we invested in solar tubes to help heat our water and tap into some of the few rays of sunshine that do hit our roof.

Lots of people mistake our solar panel for a VELUX® window and think that we have our attic converted. We would love to convert our attic into another room, but our piggy bank just won’t allow for it at the moment. Although this has given me the idea of installing an actual VELUX window in our roof in the meantime, to bring more sunlight into our house and help fast forward to the summer! We can always do the full attic conversion later on when we have won the lotto. (Note to self – must buy lotto ticket today!)

I gathered these images from pinterest and the VELUX online shop

There are so many different window styles and combinations, you can even accessorise your windows with blinds that come in a myriad of colours and patterns! More decisions…

While digging around on the VELUX site for inspiration I also stumbled across this great competition. Lovers of Light is a photography competition to celebrate light. The winning photograph will be featured in a stop motion film and the winner will be treeted (I have to stop with these puns) to a stay in a tree hotel in Sweden. Treerific! Photographs have to be entered before the 28th of February, so get snapping!

This is a sponsored post for VELUX, however all opinions are my own!

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