Knitted niceness

While waiting in my Doctor’s surgery to have Juliet’s first set of injections, I had a rare few moments to flick through some magazines. Our Doctor’s surgery have great taste in magazine material, instead of ancient dog-eared copies of medical monthly and the like, they have crisp new copies of my favourites like Image Interiors and House and Home.

I was speed flicking through the pages so that I got to see every page, when I stumbled across these beauties…

I would love to park my posterior on one of these babies! They look so comfy and soft. I will have to save and save and save some more to purchase one and then lie to my husband about how much it cost, but they are so worth the price as each one is a little piece of art for your bottom. If you have a full piggybank and would like to have an incredibly comfy and super stylish bum resting spot, check out the stools on the designers website Claire-Anne O’Brien.

Claire is originally from Ireland (all the most talented people are of course!). She is a textile designer who specialises in knitting. These gorgeous stools are not the only string in her bow either. She has designed some other amazing pieces like this very clever set of modular seats. Oh think of the fun I could have with Juliet on these!

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