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Capel Street is quickly moving up the ranks to become one of my favourite streets in Dublin. With loads of great places to eat like the black sheep for burgers and crafty beer and Musashi for sushi plus loads of charity shops for a rummage, I find myself rambling over in it’s direction more and more.

New design and gift shop Rua is the latest addition to the street and I already want about half their stock for myself. James, half of the team behind the shop, kindly agreed to give us a little behind the scenes info – thanks James!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?
I’m originally from London and along with my fiance Cara we have started
Rua. We both have a retail background and things just kind of came together
that allowed us to open our own shop! Its something we had really wanted to
do for a long time so it was great to be able to turn it into reality!

2. What gave you the idea to create your shop?
Its really hard to find something unique to give as a gift these days and we
wanted to give people somewhere to find those things! Cara is the creative
one of us and it has been her who has created the amazing look of the shop
She studied Set Design in London and it clearly shows! In addition to the
products we have created ourselves, we have sourced as many Irish products as
possible. We have a range of Chocolate from Chocolate Garden made in Carlow,
handmade scarves made by my sister Amy in Wicklow, prints from our artist
friend Declan Loftus from Galway and two beautiful jewelry ranges from
Dublin based designers Arty Smarty & Aliquo.

3. Where do you find inspiration?
From life! There are so many beautiful things around us in nature why should
we surround ourselves with dull things!

4. What advice or words of wisdom would you give from your experience?
If you have an idea you just have to roll with it. The only thing holding
you back is you, if you have come up with a great idea you owe it to yourself to do it. You will soon find there is nothing more rewarding than having people appreciate what you
have created.

5. What are your favourite things to do/foods to eat/books or blogs to read?
We are massive film fans and are lucky to have an excellent cinema round the
corner from us (Cineworld!) €20 a month for unlimited films – bargain! We
also go to a lot of gigs we’re just back from London where we went to see
Sigur Ros, that was incredible.

We love to eat out and are lucky to have The Black Sheep a few doors down. We
used to frequent the Cottage Bar & Salt House in Galway, so were pleased to
find one of their pubs so close to us! Their carbonara is well worth paying
them a visit for, and they do a great range of craft beers.

With all the great TV on these days its hard not to find something to love!
The new series of Mad Men is coming soon, it seems like ages since that was on. We
also love Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, its so weird how the guy from
Sons of Anarchy was in Byker Grove!

These cushions are calling my name!

To see more pop into Rua at 55 Capel St. or you can shop online at www.ruaboutique.ie

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  1. Hilary Glynn says:

    Cool, looks fab, must check it out!

  2. Helen says:

    Oooh, I’ve been meaning to pop into that shop some lunchtime as it looks great. Their window is always lovely!
    Lovely blog girls btw!

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