Apologies for my absence from the blog of late – and for those of you wondering, yes, the renovations are complete – I’ll have photos soon!

The lack of photos and of posts in general is due to a certain matriarch taking up residence in our house.

Colm set up the irishmammies twitter account on a whim just before Christmas and now, 5 months and more than 30,000 followers later, he has a show and book in the works.

With book deadlines and show debuts looming, it’s been all systems mammy in our house for the last while, though she hasn’t been doing ANY housework!

Hopefully we’ll get the place in order long enough to take some photos soon, in the meantime I’m twitter-stalking my hubby’s alter-ego, if you want to do the same you can find her on twitter here or check out her website and or buy tickets for Ireland’s Got Mammies at the Kilkenny Cat laughs here.

Sure why not, says you!

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  1. hilary says:

    How exciting! Love the cat laughs festival. Irish mammies sounds hilarious..must go follow on twitter

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