Fabulous Fabric

We had an Ikea outing at the weekend and as usual I found it very difficult to stick to our list. We were very prepared, my husband had a very detailed shopping list for all the bits and pieces we needed for our latest project – The Island. (more about the Island in another post).

I find it so so hard to walk through the market hall downstairs without picking up random bits and pieces that I convince myself we need. This trip resulted in several candles, a few cushions and most importantly my fabulous fabric.

Isn’t it pretty?! I bought 2 meters for our studio. We have a feature wall painted a deep red and a very lonely curtain pole that has been crying out for some curtain company for the past couple of years. So I am going to create the effect of curtains by using two panels of fabric on either side of the window. Cheap and cheerful :) I might even make a couple of cushion covers from the leftover fabric. I will post some pictures when I have them up.

What interesting bits and bobs have you picked up in Ikea?

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