Fab Friday

If like me you haven’t heard of Fab, we seem to be in the minority!

Fab was launched last June and now has 3.5 million customers worldwide. It is a site that showcases an eclectic mix of clever and sometimes crazy designs using a visual feed. It is similar to Pinterest, but unlike Pinterest you can actually buy the products that you like! Fab customers can “fave” (the equivalent of a Facebook “Like”) or comment on images and share them with friends.

Here is a taster of the type of products available…

Fab have just announced that they are now available all across Europe, Ireland included yay! Now where is my credit card…

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  1. Hilary says:

    uh oh..available in Ireland…Dangerous!!! They have such amazing stuff

    • Rachel says:

      Very dangerous indeed! I’m thinking of stopping my feed from the fab site, it’s just too tempting!

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