The Chocolate Garden of Ireland

What better way to spend a Saturday than to be surrounded by yummy chocolate?

I haven’t always been the chocolate fiend that I am nowadays. I have always appreciated it, and when it was given to me I was more than happy to indulge of course. My love affair with the gorgeousness that is chocolate began in earnest when I was expecting our little lady. I didn’t necessarily crave it, but I did allow myself to eat as much as I liked without a shred of guilt. This freedom to eat as much as I wanted to has somehow affected my taste buds and now I am a fully fledged chocoholic.

Imagine my delight when we stumbled across The Chocolate Garden of Ireland! We were lucky enough to work on their website and I became all too familiar with their fab chocolates and sweets. The Chocolate Garden team also run chocolate workshops to show how chocolate is made, from bean to bar. When I found out about these workshops I couldn’t wait to attend one. So last weekend, we took a trip to visit the chocolate factory.

The workshop began with an introduction to how chocolate is made and where it originates, we were shown cocoa pods and beans which we could touch and smell (they smelled divine!). We were also shown videos about the whole process. We learned about the ingredients that are used to make white, milk and dark chocolate and we were treated to samples of each too!

When we had learned all there is to know about the wonderful world of chocolate making, we were then ready to make our own chocolate kittens.

We were each given a mould, which we painted with white chocolate.

The moulds were then filled with delicious melted milk chocolate.

We then had to roll the moulds around to coat each side with the chocolate.

After a good old shake and time to set, the chocolate kittens were ready to eat!

They were delicious and devoured in record time!

As if we hadn’t had enough tasty treats for one day, we bought some yummy caramel waffles for our journey home. We also designed the label for the waffles above, so we had an excuse to buy them for business purposes of course!

For information about the chocolate workshops check out the website here.

Thanks to the team at the The Chocolate Garden for a brilliant day!

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