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I’m married to a biscuit fiend – Colm would happily eat chocolate digestives, rich teas and their confectionery cousins for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To resist temptation we try to not buy them all the time. When a packet does make its way home – snuck into the trolley under the pretence of  “for visitors”- it disappears rapidly with nothing left behind but crumbs and sugar headaches.

When I saw these biscuit cushions by Nikki McWilliams I just couldn’t resist – I think this is the first biccy that has lasted longer than 48 hours in our house!

Colm and I both love our new cushion so I was delighted when Nikki agreed to be part of our just being curious series – meet the lady behind the biscuits!

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?
I’m Nikki McWilliams – I’m 27 and I’m a designer and maker based in Dundee, Scotland. I draw biscuits for a living and am very lucky to be able to do so!

What gave you the idea to create your biscuit cushions and other products?
When I started out I was only really making things that I’d like to have in my own home – things that I thought would be cool – that weren’t available to buy anywhere! I tried making a few for myself and posted a picture on twitter – and people seemed to really like them! The first batch that I made sold quickly and I knew from then onwards that I had to try out all of the other ideas that had.

Where do you find inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere! I find that inspiration comes when you least expect it so I try to carry a sketchbook to quickly jot down ideas before they disappear again!

What advice or words of wisdom would you give from your experience?
That’s a tough one! I think I’d have to say that learning to trust your instinct is really important.

What are your favourite things to do/foods to eat/books or blogs to read?
I love cooking – my ideal day off involves loads of home-cooked food at home – bliss! I also love decorating and re-arranging our flat – it’s quite a small space so we have to be quite disciplined about what we choose for it to keep the space simple and clutter free – but I love experimenting with colours and finding new storage solutions! I’m a total storage geek. My two favourite interiors blogs at the moment are ollieandsebshaus.co.uk & www.brightbazaarblog.com

Thanks Nikki!

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