Bathroom for baby – 3

We are finally ready for a baby shower!!! I know, I know our baby is 2 months old now and traditionally baby showers happen well before the baby makes an appearance, but I like to be different.

Truthfully, we finished our bathroom on Christmas Eve, I just haven’t had the time (being pregnant and grumpy/lazy) to post the finished photos. We had expected to finish it a lot sooner than we did and it was very tight towards the end but we really wanted a nice bathroom for Christmas, and luckily we had one. Many the festive flushes and bubbly baths were indulged in during our holidays!

So to pick up where I abandoned my posts, we had chosen our tiles and were about to commence the task of tiling. We had a great local tiler by the name of Jim come and rescue us from a bleak and dusty room. He transformed our rubble ridden bathroom into a sleek grey canvas, ripe for decorating!

When the tiling was finished we began painting and my husband started to make the custom shelving unit beside the bath. The bathroom bits and bobs were also fitted, the toilet, shower etc. Once the bathroom was plumbed we decided to christen the bath by giving our little poodle a badly needed scrub!

The final stage was the part I most enjoy, the finishing touches. We used our existing lime green and grey towels and some smelly green candles from Ikea. I had a custom mirror cut to size by our local Glazier – Arklow Glass. The mirror really finished the room and made it big, bright and airy.

The Ikea sink and unit we chose worked really well with the toilet and bath.

You can see a glimpse of our pebble shower floor above and below in all it’s stoney glory! It feels lovely underfoot and with the sound of the shower if I close my eyes it feels like I am in a rainforest/beach/stream whichever takes my fancy!

Our towel rail is very swish and really makes us feel like we are staying in a plush hotel. You can also see the finished shelving above the bath in the photos below.

So now that we have a bathroom for our baby, we have been making good use of it. We began bathing her in the sink for the first few weeks while she was really little. The Ikea sink is the perfect size and shape for a little person.  She moved on to the big bath this week now that she has outgrown the sink and loves it! Next week we’re going to try out the shower with her and see what she thinks, and she can finally have her baby shower :)

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  1. Rebecca says:


  2. Hilary says:

    Great job, i love the wall tiles and the little nook in the wall for shampoos etc.

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Hilary! It was the most difficult house job we have undertaken so far, but so worth it. I love spending time in the new bathroom, which can prove a tad difficult now that I have a little person shouting at me for attention. Gone are the days of long leisurely soaks in the bath!

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