Bathroom for baby – 2

Some serious decisions have finally been made, yes we have chosen our tiles! After several sleepless nights and numerous changes of heart, we did it. The relief is amazing, that decision is definitely up there with some of the hardest I’ve had to make. (Well in my case every decision is a tough one.)

The tiles we picked are to compliment some gorgeous mosaic tiles that we found in our local tile shop. We found them a couple of weeks ago and loved them but didn’t know what to do about the rest of the floor and walls. Not only do tiles come in different colours but shapes too. So once the colours are picked, the job is far from done.

Pebble Mosaic Tiles from Bathroom Shower & Tiles Arklow 0402 31485

We have settled on two shades of grey that tie in with the pebble effect mosaic. They are 30cm x 60cm in size, nice long rectangles that will hopefully make the bathroom look bigger than it is. We ordered the tiles in the same local shop that we found the mosaic, the owner Joe was very patient and really helped with the decision making. He rang me during the week to say that the tiles have arrived, I really hope we still like them!

At the same time as choosing the tiles, we also had to pick all the sanitary ware which is surprisingly expensive. If our budget was bigger, we would have found this part much easier. Luckily though we visited the House and Home show in the RDS and met a lovely exhibitor by the name of Shane from SKC Providers in Rathnew, County Wicklow. He suggested I pop into their showroom and see if he could help. I brought along my plans with me one lunchtime (Shane kindly stayed open to accommodate my lunch hour) and we went through every little detail. Armed with lots of bathroom brochures that Shane gave me, I went home to my hubby and we picked everything. The next day I sent our list to Shane and he gave us a very keen quote. By far the best we had been given. So without further delay we ordered all the bits and bobs.

So now that everything has been ordered and delivered, (we currently have a bath in our hallway) work has begun on the bathroom and at the moment, it looks like we are trying to dig our way to Australia. The old room is no more, it’s unrecognisable! My husband Jimmy has been in his element with a big kango drill making lots of noise and mess. Our plumber Derek has also started rejigging and first fixing for all the fittings.

With all of the hard work done, the next stage is tiling. We have scheduled that for next week, so I will give you an update and some more photos when it is done.

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  1. Fionnuala Kofoed says:

    Exciting stuff! Aren’t you glad you have a seperate bathroom while this one is under construction. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  2. Rachel says:

    I sure am! The whole thing is taking a tad longer than we expected and I am getting a little bored with all the dust and mess, I want it finished! Fingers crossed we will have the tiling done next week and the whole thing will be finished the week after, just in time for Santa :)

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