babytalk festival

For the past few months (quite a few indeed!) the curious team have been working on our newest and most exciting project yet.

You will have noticed a number of posts about babies and baby products since I had my little girl last year. To say I am obsessed would be a kind understatement. Since having Juliet, I’ve lived in a bubble of baby this and little person that. I’ve gathered a huge wealth of information about anything and everything related to pregnancy, birth and babies. So instead of driving my nearest and dearest crazy with all of this info, we have decided to create an outlet to celebrate it. This outlet is a fun and unique pregnancy and baby festival called Babytalk. We have launched our holding page until our full site is ready to go live.

Babytalk is a new type of pregnancy and baby event, with attractive design, a warm supportive voice and engaging activities and spaces. We are creating an experience, a comfortable and playful environment that all of the family can enjoy.

Our festival will be a fun, family-friendly space with music, comedy & entertainers, exhibitors, product demonstrations, information on services for babies and parents, and speakers on a wide range of topics. We will be showcasing well designed, clever products and services that make life a little easier.

We’ll keep you up to date with our progress over the next few months and we would love to hear any suggestions that you have for our festival.

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