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The Apple of my Eye

I’m looking forward to seeing Bell X1 at indiependence tomorrow so just had to post my favourite one of their videos (and songs). Giant apples, the Debs, a bit of romance – what more could you want? share on

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Cartai Rubai

We worked with the very lovely ladies of Cártaí Rúbaí earlier this year on their new ecommerce website and I had to expend quite a bit of will power to stop myself buying all of their lovely Irish language products … Continue reading

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Sunshine & Ice Cream

Cute animation for Maud’s ice cream, love the soundtrack too. The sun is shining and the lawn mowers are whirring, what better way to celebrate our little heat wave than to indulge in a creamy ice cream cone? Now where … Continue reading

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3d Printing

This video showing anamorphic illusions may not show how to print a pizza in space but it does show some of the amazing things you can do with print – my mind is a little boggled! share on

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Mr Alan Clarke

I’ve been a fan of Alan Clarke’s work for a long time, particularly his more whimsical black and white illustrations which remind me a little of Harry Clarke  and Aubrey Beardsley. If you’d like to see more of Alan’s work, … Continue reading

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Kelsey Garrity-Riley

In the absence of actual sunbathing weather I’d like to step into these lovely prints from Kelsey Garrity-Riley – oh for some vitamin D! Prints available from Etsy. share on

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Just being curious… Coco Loves Flo

Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m still not a “real grown-up” but again and again I find myself coveting products – which are supposedly for babies and children – for myself. A perfect example is the range of lovely baby … Continue reading

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Story Bud

Like most people I’ve always thought I had a very neutral accent, so it was only when I moved to Dublin for college that I discovered that I pronounced some words with a very strong Wexford twist.  I now say … Continue reading

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