An Oyster for our Pearl

I couldn’t sleep last night with excitement because today we are picking up our baby’s pram!

After months of research (yes I know I have a research problem) we have decided to go for a pram/buggy called a Babystyle Oyster. 

We himmed and hawwed over lots of different styles and makes but kept coming back to this one. There is a whole new world of baby equipment and accompanying lingo that I was completely unaware of beforehand, so we found the decision a difficult one to make. We were bamboozled by footmuffs, car seat adapters, suspension, foldability and trying to decide between a black chassis and a silver chassis! Choosing our car was far easier!

The main reasons we have decided to go for the Oyster are that it has 4 wheels (3 wheel prams are very popular, but I am quite clumsy and don’t think I could handle a 3 wheeler!). It is really easy to fold and it fits in our boot. It has won lots of awards and most importantly for me, you can pick from a rainbow of colours!

You can buy different colour packs and mix and match, so if you get sick of one colour you can change your mind, genius! Anyone that knows me is well aware that I have a little bit of a colour matching obsession. I can’t help it, I go through phases of loving a particular colour and everything has to coordinate. Sad I know. We are going for the red option to begin with, and who knows after that!

I also found this great blog post about how to make a customised seat cover for the Oyster so the possibilities are endless.

The helpful ladies in our local baby supply shop Bolands have been very patient with me, I have been to the shop at least 10 times to show friends and family. They have given us a crash course in pushing, folding and carrying so we are both ready for some pram adventures… toes and shins of Ireland beware, I could be coming to a footpath near you soon.

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