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The building work on our renovations concluded months ago, but I’ve been putting off sharing any images until the new rooms were “finished”.

There is still loads to do but I’ve come to realise that if I wait until I’ve ticked everything off my to-do list I’ll never put up pictures. Plus, one of my favorite aspects of reading home blogs is watching rooms progress over time.

Rachel called in over the weekend so I nabbed her fancy camera to take a few quick in-progress snaps of our new living room, bare walls and windows and all.

Our new stove is one of our favourite changes. It’s so much cleaner and neater than the old fireplace!

This is the view from our kitchen now.

Our little dining area. I’ve become very attached to the table – it was made by my Dad and was our kitchen table in my parents’ house for years.

The view looking towards the kitchen.

While we still have plenty of little bits and bobs to do we’re really happy with how the rooms have worked out.

Next on the list is curtains and a loveseat to replace the small black sofa- any recommendations?

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  1. Gloria says:

    I love how sleek the new fireplace is! So chic!

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